Gabain Ethel

Ethel Leontine Gabain, R.B.A.,R.O.I., S.W.A         1883 - 1950

A figurative and portrait painter, and printmaker, Ethel Gabain studied art at the Slade School, the Central School of Arts and crafts, and also in Paris. Elected R.B.A. in 1932 R.O.I. in 1933. Ethel Gabain became an Official War Artist in 1940.  Examples of her work are held in numerous public collections, including the Tate Gallery and the Imperial War Museum.  She won the de Laszlo silver medal in 1933 for her portait of Dame Flora Robson, and the National Portrait Gallery holds her 1944 portrait of Sir Alexander Fleming. She was married to the English artist John Copley.           (*L.A.)